The Trans Dinarica team hits the road!

The action begins! The Trans Dinarica team hits the road! First on the menu: Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Trans Dinarica Cycle Route team is now on the road, developing the first sections of the route in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia, where we will ride, photograph, video, and lay down GPX tracks in spots like Bosnia’s capital city of Sarajevo and Serbia’s Tara National Park.

Along the way, we will work with local experts and take a deep dive into one of Europe’s most interesting and under-valued regions. The team includes sustainable tourism professionals and cartographers: Jan Klavora, Matevž Hribar, Jana Apih, Matic Klanjšček, Andrej Bandelj, and Alex Crevar.

If you see them on the road, offer them a coffee or something stronger.

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