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The Trans Dinarica’s fieldwork is complete – the cycle route’s launch is scheduled for July 31

The fieldwork for the Trans Dinarica — the first and only cycle route linking all eight countries of the Western Balkans — was completed at the end of June. With […]

We finished tracing the Trans Dinarica cycling route in Montenegro

Online maps are one thing, but the reality is sometimes different – and this was also shown in Montenegro, which took us a bit more time (and kilometers) than we […]

The research work of Trans Dinarica’s Bosnia and Herzegovina southern leg is completed

Why are there two legs (northern and southern) of the Trans Dinarica cycle route in Bosnia and Herzegovina, what can you expect from cycling and what interesting things did we […]

What’s the situation with mines along the Trans Dinarica cycle route?

On a few occasions, we’ve received the following question: “Does the Trans Dinarica come close to former minefields? Where?”   Let us be clear about this: if you stay on […]

Cycling the Trans Dinarica with kids and bike trailers?

We received a couple of messages with questions about exploring the Trans Dinarica cycle route while toting a child in a bicycle trailer. This is difficult to answer clearly … […]

How many paved roads and how many macadams can I expect on the Trans Dinarica cycling route?

What is the road-gravel ratio on Trans Dinarica? Does it run only on paved roads? How much macadam can I expect? This information also indirectly answers the question of what […]

Guided cycling tours on the Trans Dinarica will be organized by local tourist agencies

The Trans Dinarica will not be only for brave people who are ready to face the road alone. This time briefly about how the organization of GUIDED Trans Dinarica bike […]

Trans Dinarica GPS navigation packages: what will they contain and how will they be available

For those of you ready to jump on the bike, let us briefly explain the form the Trans Dinarica GPS navigation packages — with GPS or GPX tracks and Points […]

Cycling the Trans Dinarica with an e-bike? Yes, it’s doable (using common sense)

Cycling the Trans Dinarica bike trail with an e-bike is a thrilling adventure through the diverse landscapes of the Balkans. Contrary to perceptions of a rugged wilderness, our scouting expeditions […]

The Trans Dinarica cycling route: It takes more than a village

Work, desire, and passion are needed to create a cycling route across the Western Balkans.     It is easy to say 2024 is Trans Dinarica’s year. The first cycling […]

CNN names the Trans Dinarica bike trail among 2024’s best

The first cycle route to link the Western Balkans Region is making headlines across the planet.     The Trans Dinarica bike trail has already made a splash in 2024. […]

Cycling on Trans Dinarica: What about stray and shepherd dogs and wild animals?

This is another question that fills our e-mail boxes: Which animals might we meet while cycling in the Balkans and can they be dangerous? Put simply, there are a lot […]

The Trans Dinarica Cycle Route is named Lonely Planet’s “Best in Travel” for 2024

The Trans Dinarica — the first and only cycle route linking all eight countries of the Western Balkans — has been named as one of Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel […]

Cycling Albania: different, wild, but also a rapidly developing country

Another field exploration is behind us. There were a lot of questions before visiting Albania. For two reasons: although all of us from the team had been to Albania before, […]

Our next Trans Dinarica expedition: Albania!

These days, our team is preparing for this year’s first autumn Trans Dinarica research expedition. After exploring Serbia and part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, we now await the beautiful and […]

Tips for cycling the Trans Dinarica: language, currency, alcohol, wild camping …

Traveling through the Balkans, especially off-the-beaten-path areas like the Trans Dinarica cycling route, offers a wild and unparalleled bike tour experience. While these Balkan countries might seem daunting for solo […]

What time of the year should I cycle the Trans Dinarica? A few words about the weather in the Balkans.

Dear cyclists, we are glad that you are showing such interest in the new long-distance cycling route. The questions keep coming and one of the frequent topics is “Which month […]

Food on Trans Dinarica: strong, meaty, but also fresh and local (tips for hungry cyclists)

A very important component of traveling (anywhere in the world) is tasting local specialties. This is especially true for the Balkans, where Eastern, Central European, and Mediterranean cuisine are mixed. […]

The Trans Dinarica video trailer: crazy panoramas, dynamic cycling and friendly locals

The priority task of our research trips in the Western Balkans is to check roads, tracks, as well as accommodation and other important information for travelers on bicycles. But in […]

What kind of bicycle for the Trans Dinarica? Gravel, touring or MTB?

We get asked frequently if you can explore the Western Balkans with a loaded touring bike, or if you might need something more off-road oriented. Here is the short answer: […]

How hospitable are the locals in the Balkans? THIS much! (Description of three events in a single day)

Traveling through the country is always multifaceted; we experience it ourselves, and we are surrounded by nature, settlements, locals, animals … After our last experience in Serbia and Bosnia and […]

Serbia’s Section of the Trans Dinarica Cycle Route is Complete

The Serbian stages of the new Trans Dinarica Cycle Route have been researched, laid out, and are now ready for cyclists to discover more about this beautiful Western Balkan country. […]

Can we get the Trans Dinarica navigation data already this year?

The answer, unfortunately, is not quite yet. The map we published on the website’s front page is a draft compiled from our cartography experience and our team of local experts. […]

A word from a member of our team: why do I believe in Trans Dinarica?

In short posts on social networks, it is difficult to say or show why I like to participate in the creation of Trans Dinarica so much. Therefore, this time a […]

Live from Trans Dinarica: Bosnia and Herzegovina is even wilder than we thought

The work in the field continues: late-night planning for the next day, getting up early, a hearty breakfast (of course, we are in the Balkans!), driving in a van combined […]

Live from Serbia’s section of Trans Dinarica: We love it. Honestly.

Dear cyclists, adventure lovers … and Western Balkans devotees: It is with great pleasure that — after many months of office research, studying maps, dissecting the terrain, browsing through memory, […]

The Trans Dinarica team hits the road!

The action begins! The Trans Dinarica team hits the road! First on the menu: Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Trans Dinarica Cycle Route team is now on the road, [...]

The Trans Dinarica — Europe’s last great adventure

The Trans Dinarica — Europe's last great adventure — is the first and only cycle route to connect all eight countries of the Western Balkans. The route, which focuses on [...]