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Bosnia rides

Bosnia and Herzegovina is no ordinary mountain bike destination. Here, in the heart of the Western Balkans, you’ll encountering a unique culture, have unforgettable experiences, and explore some of Europe’s most scenic wilderness areas. The TransDinarica route can best described as a ride from West to East. Slowly introducing the rider to the Oriental influences of the Ottoman empire, they will learn about the multitude of empires that have rolled through the area.

The rides are rough, some on isolated village roads, others are long, flowing descents through steep canyons with endless karst vistas. You will ride alone on many of the days—without another person in sight.

Accommodations along the TransBosnia section are cosy with various family-run B&Bs and 3-4 star hotels in the bigger cities like Mostar and Sarajevo. Be ready to be immersed in a totally unexpected melange of Eastern culture, stunning views, off-the-beaten-path rides, warm hospitality, and simple, honest, and delicious food.



The TransBosnia 1 + 2 ride begins in Blidinje Lake, a beautiful and isolated mountain lake wedged in between the Cvrsnica and Vran mountain ranges. The route is best described as a ride from West to East—slowly introducing the rider to the oriental influences of the now long disappeared Ottoman empire. A visit to the Old Bridge in Mostar will certainly be one of the highlights of the trip.

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