Cycling in Slovenia

The dynamic landscapes of Slovenia, with their countless natural beauties, are ideal for a cycling holiday. Among Slovenia cycle routes, you will surely find many exciting options. We are happy to help you choose the ones that fit you best, as we have over 5000 kms of bike routes tracked.

Slovenia inspires with numerous trails perfect for mountain bike adventures, all types of terrain for gravel biking and picturesque routes that make Slovenia cycling holidays  truly memorable. Exploring Slovenia on a bike is also an excellent choice for those who like to stay active! 

We have put together a list of top reasons why Slovenia bike tours are so unique and why Slovenia should be your next cycling holiday or mountain bike trip destination!  

Trans Slovenia 01

The most diverse MTB tour in the world is this tour’s middle name!

Trans Slovenia 02

Mountain biking in the Alps, forests, valleys, stony karst and at the Adriatic coast


Biking in Slovenia is particularly enjoyable, because the country is small, yet extremely diverse. You can admire the views over the Alpine mountain tops, beautiful river valleys, rolling hills covered in vineyards and charming little towns, as well as the Adriatic coast – all in just a week-long cycling tour.

On some of our tours, you will literally cycle through different landscape every day. These are two of our most diverse Slovenia bicycle tours – landscape-wise and terrain-wise.


Outdoor enthusiasts love to bike in Slovenia due to its natural beauty – lakes, rivers, forests, and mountains make it a real outdoor paradise. Almost two thirds of the country are covered in forests, and there are more than 40 nature parks and reserves.In fact, over a third of the country’s territory is protected within Natura 2000

This means that you have plenty of possibilities to go off the beaten path and visit the less-visited attractions embraced by unspoiled natural environment.

Read more about the amazing Slovenian nature here.

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Biking through scenic mountain ranges and beautiful Alpine valleys full of fun trails and unspoiled nature.

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Beautiful combination of tourist attractions with unknown, 1st class single trails.

Bike Slovenia Green

Cheese tasting, wine tasting and 3 different cuisines – Alpine, Karst & Istrian.

Istria to Adriatic

Cycling through 3 countries and getting the best of Istrian cuisine and wine.


Cycling Slovenia can also be a gourmet experience! Slovenian cuisine is as diverse as its landscape. It is influenced by climate, history and neighbouring cultures – fresh pasta dishes demonstrate the influence of Italy, while different kinds of strudel and probably the most famous Slovenian dessert, conversationally called “cremeschnitte”, present influences from the north. Meat dishes usually served with dumplings are similar to traditional dishes from eastern-European countries such as Hungary and Croatia.

One thing all dishes have in common is that they are based on fresh locally sourced ingredients. Several Slovenian regions are also famous for its cheese and wines, which are ranked among the best in the world. 

Read more about Slovenian gastronomy here.


Slovenia has been declared the World’s most sustainable country. Slovenians have always been very connected to their land – we have a ‘green DNA’, as our co-owner Jana Apih pointed out in this statement for National Geographic. Sustainable approach is of highest importance when it comes to our cycling tours as well.

As a tour operator, we have obtained the Slovenia Green and Travelife sustainability certificates. We have developed the World’s first biking tour that exclusively connects green-certified locations. In addition, at Visit GoodPlace we work closely with the NGO Factory of sustainable tourism GoodPlace, which has developed the national Green Scheme of Slovenian tourism

Bike Slovenia Green

Bike Slovenia Green is a project that creates 1-day local cycling loops in Slovenian green destinations


NGO Factory of sustainable tourism GoodPlace

Check out this video from our Bike Slovenia Green tour!