Cycling the Trans Dinarica with kids and bike trailers?

We received a couple of messages with questions about exploring the Trans Dinarica cycle route while toting a child in a bicycle trailer. This is difficult to answer clearly … but we’ll try anyway.


An e-bike with kids trailer on a cycling path in Slovenia.


Let the author of this text begin with a story from eight years ago. I was crossing the border between Macedonia (now North Macedonia) and Albania, between Ohrid and Pogradec by Lake Ohrid, in a van. At the time, it seemed to me one of the more problematic border crossings in the Balkans; usually the customs officers wanted to inspect the van, and they sent me with the documents from one container to another (when we drove there in 2023, during the research of the Trans Dinarica, it, luckily, went easier and faster).


A happy adventurous family of four

While waiting in the van, a young family of four drove up the opposite direction: father and mother each on their bicycle with a trailer, while father was driving one kid behind the handlebar and the second one in the trailer. They looked happy and carefree; at least that’s what I imprinted in my memory along with the thought that I want to experience something like this myself once I have children. Ten years later, with two kids … Yes, I bought a double trailer that has turned out to be great for visiting the town, the kid’s playground, the nearby river, or the market (you can see it on the photo, riding it to Ljubljana). But would I take kids in it on an expedition across the Balkans? Um, I think we’ll skip this kind of adventure. Anyhow, I always have all the respect for parents who dare to explore the world in this way.


A family of four on bicycles in Albania.

Let’s be honest: the life of a cyclist is not always all romantic

Why? The Trans Dinarica cycling route is indeed planned to suit the widest possible range of cyclists, from those who will pass it on their journey around the world to more ‘touristy’ explorers of new countries in a sustainable way. But although together with local cyclists we tried to find the best roads possible, this is not a trip (only) on cycle paths. There will be roads, sometimes better, sometimes worse; sometimes quite busy (which means smoke from old trucks that haven’t heard about the emission standards) and sometimes bumpy macadam (which means vibrations and dust). There will be stages where you will not encounter a shop or restaurant from morning to evening.



We don’t want to scare you, but we also don’t want to give you false hope that cycling through the Balkans is a Hollywood romantic movie. Also, for this reason, we try to prepare informative and picturesque photos, videos, and text material for the website you are currently reading. You can read and see more about what kind of roads you can expect in this article: How many paved roads and how many macadams can I expect on the Trans Dinarica cycling route?


If you are going to go, please send us some photos. Enjoy!

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