Slovenia It is the only European country that unites the Alps, the Mediterranean Sea, the Pannonian Plain, the Karst and cultural cities like Green Capital of Europe – Ljubljana. Slovenia is also historically rich since it has been ruled by various people and forces, including Roman, German, and Slavic, to list only the most known. They have all influenced our culture and way of life, making it diverse. Meeting planners can benefit from easy accessibility and the short distances in the country, as the different regions are close to each other. This allows short transfers between high-quality, contrasting programs.

Therefore Slovenia is perfect country for your next incentive or meeting. We can easily combine adventure sports in the Alps (rafting, canyoning, zip-line etc), sailing on Adriatic Sea, visiting Green Capital of Europe with rich and diverse culinary in each region with TOP chefs like Ana Roš from Hiša Franko who was chosen by The World’s 50 Best Restaurants as the best female chef in the world.