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Slovenia rides

Slovenia is a small country situated between the Alps and Adriatic sea. Just like its diverse landscape, this packs a ton of outdoor adventure into a compact area.The citizens here are active and sporty—as one would expect an Alpine country—but it relaxed and laid-back, just like the Mediterranean.

Most importantly, Slovenia is a mountain biking paradise. We have a long history of designing rider-friendly climbs to get up mountains, and we combine them with what mountain biking is all about: entertaining single-track trails to get back down to the valley. It is from here that we have created our solid foundation for making mtb holidays in Slovenia an unforgettable experience. We have learned how to do it in the Alps, now we are mastering this method in the Dinaric Alps. We want to extend our fun and adventure further south. Together with our partners, we are heading all the way across the Western Balkans.

Let's make the Transdinarica a next generation TransAlp. It starts right here, in Slovenia with TransSlovenia mountain biking tours


TransSlovenia 1

Trans Slovenia 01 (TS1) is a program that connects three countries: Slovenia, Italy, and Austria. In just seven days, it offers almost everything—from snow, to wine, to the sea. The trail starts with winding ascents to the Julian Alps in Kranjska Gora, across the Vršič pass and a descent along the emerald wild Soča River (passing Bovec, Kobarid and Tolmin). Along the way, we uncover the memories of the First World War, stop at the wine cellars in Brda and Collio, enjoy moments of extraordinary culinary delights, and discover the Karst region and its under...


TransSlovenia 2

A logical continuation of TransSlovenia 01—but with a completely different character. Unlike TransSlovenia 01, TransSlovenia 02 (or TS02) has almost no singletrack, or you have the option of easily avoiding them. TS02 is technically easier, but the stages aren longer than TS01. It is recommended for e-bikers.
The tour starts at Baško Lake (Faaker See), across the Karavanke Alps entering into Slovenia. TS02 then connects the famous Bled and Bohinj Lakes across the Pokljuka Plateau and continues through Soriška Planina Mountain to Cerkno. During the winter, this area turns into a popular family ski reso...

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