Trans Dinarica GPS navigation packages: what will they contain and how will they be available

For those of you ready to jump on the bike, let us briefly explain the form the Trans Dinarica GPS navigation packages — with GPS or GPX tracks and Points of Interest, or POIs — will take. We want to be clear about the tools available when cycling through the eight countries of the Western Balkans.


Cyclists on gravel bikes checking the navigational data for the Trans Dinarica cycle route.


1. The Trans Dinarica route will exist in digital format only.

Trans Dinarica cycling route will only be available in digital format. This Balkan cycling route will not be marked on-site. Can you imagine how many signs would be needed to physically mark approximately 5,000 kilometers of trails? So, don’t expect signs at crossroads.


2. The general Trans Dinarica map and data.

The general map of the entire Trans Dinarica route across all countries will be available free of charge. Each stage will be presented with an official pdf map available for free download, showing route track, vertical profile, and basic technical info about the length and elevation. This way, you will be able to see where the route leads and use it to navigate on a bicycle yourself – with some ingenuity and more clicking, of course. But, to make the life of an adventurer easier … (see point 3)


3. Extensive Trans Dinarica GPS navigation packages.

Navigation packages for each of the individual countries will be available for a small fee; for Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo, and Serbia. The price of the package is expected to be 2 EUR for one stage, which should bring about 20 EUR for one country. There are discounts planned for everyone who chooses to buy packages for more than one country and an even bigger discount for the bravest – for those who choose to buy the navigation package for the entire Trans Dinarica.

These fees are for the route’s sustainability. The fees will be used to offset the cost of keeping the navigation packages accurate and so that the trail is updated with local businesses that offer accommodations, food, and services. In short, we are committed to making a positive impact on communities across the region. You can find some idea about why we believe the cycle route has a positive effect on the local community in this story: Why do I believe in Trans Dinarica?


4. For the navigation, you’ll be using the Ride with GPS mobile app (or others).

After a thorough research of the possibilities, we decided that the navigational package will be available on the Ride with GPS platform, the excellent performance of which we have already tested in practice. A mobile app allows active turn-by-turn navigation without an internet connection after preloading the entire map. The process is fast, error-free, with plenty of display options and help along the way. For those in favor of special GPS navigational devices like Garmin, Wahoo, Hammerhead, etc., the navigational package, once purchased, will offer the possibility of downloading GPS data for active navigation with those devices, too. The Ride with GPS app enables the export of tracks in various formats (gpx, tcx, fit, …). We’re sure you’ll enjoy it.


Cases of using a mobile app Ride with GPS for navigation on Trans Dinarica.


What will the country-specific navigation package contain?

  • GPS track for the whole country.
  • Surface data (paved, unpaved).
  • Information on the height difference (altitude/climbs).
  • Useful POIs (warnings about important route characteristics, accommodations, inns, shops, bicycle workshops, natural and cultural heritage, …).
  • Descriptions of individual stages (interesting sites along the way, difficulty of cycling, specifics regarding accommodation …).
  • Information about the so-called hubs that you can use for easier logistics (connecting routes to major cities with airports, bus, and rail connections).

In short, the navigation package will be informative enough that you should have no problems planning a cycling trip and navigating through an unknown country. This still means that you will be cycling in the Balkans in a ‘self-guided’ way, i.e. on your own. Please do not count on someone from our team to help you look for a place to stay in the middle of the Bosnian mountains at 9 pm.


Cyclists on a wooden bridge in Albania, riding the Trans Dinarica cycle route.


What you are most interested in: WHEN?

Both the general Trans Dinarica map and the detailed GPS navigation packages will be available in July 2024.


What about guided Trans Dinarica cycling tours?

Just a bit of information for those, who are interested in guided/supported cycling tours along the Trans Dinarica: we are already in contact with local tourist agencies that will organize tours with full support (local guide, organized accommodation, luggage transport). This way of experiencing Trans Dinarica will likely be available already in 2024.


For now, we invite you to sign up for our e-newsletter, and we will inform you when the Trans Dinarica GPS navigation packages are ready.

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